Coming 2020

The Eight of Earth


Leo, Gwinn, Tanya, Riley, James, Miku, Victor and Fargo are the only 8 humans in existence. They’ve grown up in a world far from Earth, birthed from artificial wombs 60 years after the extinction of mankind, doomed to be the last of their race and surrounded by the citizens of the planet.

Now, the final lives of humanity begin to spiral out of control as they encounter: A mysterious Ancient Vault, a debt owed to a ruthless crime lord, an incurable disease, a deadly jungle, the soul crushing guilt of death and a battle for one man’s mind.

They’re humanity’s second chance… but they have to survive Valenia first.

Future Projects
(Subject to Change)
Mafia Urban Fantasy
working title
Cover Design Coming Soon
Legend of the Eterno
  and the  

In Old Odera, the mob is king, making the Five Families, criminal royalty.

But in this world, the mafia uses more than tommy guns and molotov cocktails to terrorize the city. They use something far more mystical and dangerous. Something only obtained in a mysterious land outside the warded walls of the city called The Fog, that not even the mob dares to enter. This soul-binding force is called Vigor. 

Torrento Nova is the Vigor Harvester for the De Siani crime family, making him the deadliest enforcer in Old Odera. But with that immeasurable power comes a horrific burden.

Psychological Thriller
working title
Cover Design Coming Soon

Something strange is happening to Scott Turner. He doesn't quite feel like himself. Yesterday, he ordered scallops for breakfast. He's allergic to shellfish.

The day before, he went cycling. He has exercise asthma.  

And the day before that, he called his wife MiMi instead of Mia. And the only person he knew who called her MiMi, who loved scallops for breakfast, and rode his bike for miles, was his best friend John Greyson.

The only problem was, the week before that... John Greyson was murdered.